Grills, beers, ribs, hop filters and the 4th of July

We’re celebrating Independence Day with a cookout.  Shocking, I know.  But here’s the thing.  In addition to serving the regular menu, our Grillmasters will be cooking Corn on the Cob and Chef Dean Maupin’s Dry Rubbed Ribs on our outdoor grill on the patio.  So you’ll have a grill firing inside, a grill firing outside, and grillmasters everywhere you look!

Grilling burgers and chicken

Corn on the Cob will be grilled in the husk, and served with honey butter. Chef Dean’s Ribs are dry rubbed then slow roasted and finished on the grill with Punk’s sweet and tangy Barbecue Sauce. And you can enjoy half a rack of ribs with cornbread, corn on the cob, and a small side of your choice on the Dry Rubbed Ribs Plate  for a mere $18.99.

But wait, there’s more! We’re making our lovely craft beer selection another highlight of the celebration. A keg of our house brew, Draft Punk, will be hooked up to our hop filter on Sunday and Monday. We’ll be filtering it through whole leaf Cascade and Citra hops for added hoppy goodness all day.

The festivities will take place on Sunday, July 3rd and Monday, July 4th during regular restaurant hours: 11:00am – 9:00pm. So no matter what day you’re grilling, you can find some time to let us do the work for you.  See you this weekend!


Celebrate Your Next Event With Punk’s Backyard Grill

It’s now mid-August and the summer is winding down. And although we love those summer months, we’re not much discouraged by the onset of fall as there are so many great things to look forward to in Annapolis. We have Navy football playing their first game on September 5th, the West Annapolis Oktoberfest in it’s 19th year, the US Sailboat and Powerboat shows in October, and much, much more. With all this to look forward to, it’s hard to be bummed about the end of summer.

Now with all of these exciting events upcoming, not to mention whatever it is that you may have planned, we wanted to let you know that you can get all of your favorite Punk’s menu items catered! Whether you’re tailgating at the game, having friends or family over for dinner, or feeding the little league team, we can help you make sure that everyone leaves happy and well fed. So far this month we’ve catered a lot of fun events, including our first wedding, a family reunion, a few office parties and open houses, and some good old fashioned backyard cookouts.

With the entire menu at your disposal, Punk’s can offer great flexibility in making your event run just the way you want it. So take a look at our catering menus on the website and start planning!


2nd Annual Backyard Photo Contest at Punk’s!

It’s that time of year again.  Time to break out the grill, invite your friends and family over for dinner, and spend some time in your backyard.  Here at Punk’s, there is no ritual that makes us happier than the backyard cookout. That is, after all, what we are all about – good food, friends, family, backyard grilling, and great memories along the way.

And to make sure that everyone out there is having a great time in their own backyard, we’re asking to see your best backyard cookout photos for our 2nd annual Backyard Photo Contest.  So fire up the grill, take some pictures and send them our way! We’ll be posting some of the photos here on the blog and the winning photographs will be displayed in the restaurant.  To add a little extra incentive, any picture submitted that has someone wearing  Punk’s Backyard Grill gear will be entered into a drawing for a $25 Punk’s gift card.  That Punk’s gear can be anything from a t-shirt to a sticker to a koozie. We are accepting photos now through September 7th, so break out that camera and go capture some backyard memories.

Take a look here for all of the details of the contest and check out the “Backyard Photo Contest” page on the blog to see some of the early submissions.

Barackwurst+Sam Adams = Happy 4th of July

It’s the 4th of July weekend and do we have a deal in store for you. Come in anytime this weekend and get a fire grilled Barackwurst and a frosty Sam Adams Summer on draught for only $10! We’ve tapped the kegs and fired up the grill, so the only thing missing is you!

Come and celebrate with the Punk’s $10 deal all weekend long. Happy 4th of July!

It’s (almost) the 4th of July!

Nothing says backyard grilling quite like the 4th of July, and here at Punk’s Backyard Grill, we can’t think of a holiday that makes us happier.  I mean, seriously, a holiday that not only celebrates American independence, but does so by grilling in the backyard and kicking back to have a few beers with your friends and family? Come on people, what more could you ask for in a holiday?

So, as you can imagine, we’re pretty excited for the coming weekend and we’re kicking off our first 4th of July in high style.  We’re breaking out the big grill, throwing it on the patio, tapping a keg, and having a party.  There’s nothing like a good old celebration of American independence and no better place to celebrate than Punk’s Backyard Grill (at least that’s what we think). Continue reading

Punk’s in the news: Leave the Father’s Day grilling to us

Just in case you missed it, a nice article appeared in the June 17th issue of The Capital about summertime grilling and Punk’s Backyard Grill. With Father’s Day and 4th of July rapidly approaching, and with grilling season in full swing, a nice backyard cookout is just what the doctor ordered.  So, if you don’t have the time, space or motivation to do it on your own, come on into Punk’s and let our backyard be your backyard!

Check out the article here:

Chef’s Choice: Punk’s serves up ‘real food, good food’

Chef Dean on WBAL

This past Sunday, Chef Dean appeared on WBAL’s “Sunday Brunch” segment of the morning news.  It was filmed live in Baltimore and he did a demonstration of the ever popular Thai Flank Steak Salad.  Chef Dean cooked the flank steak, made the dressing from scratch (just like we do here in the restaurant) and plated the salad, all in a mere 4 minutes! Take a look at the link below to see for yourself.

Green Grilling

The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom all over D.C., and that means that the warm days of backyard grilling are imminent. This year, consider doing the cherry blossoms a favor and take your grilling green.

With the growing concerns over energy use and carbon emissions, grilling product manufacturers are offering more “green grilling” options than ever before – and you can still stay loyal to your side of the gas vs. charcoal debate.

Fire Stone Home Products, makers of gas grills since 1975, has introduced the Cook Number® Gas Grill which reportedly uses less than half the energy of regular gas grills. According to the company’s website,

“If the US market shifted to Cook Number Gas Grills using just 30,000 BTUs/hour or equally efficient ones, we would save 30 Million barrels of crude oil/year.”

Technically speaking, gas grilling is greener than charcoal grilling since gas grills produce about half as much CO2. But fortunately for those of us who are stalwart in our commitment to charcoal there are green options for us as well.

GreenLink International sells environmentally friendly briquettes made from old coconut shells that are 100% free of fillers and chemicals, so they burn cleaner. Speaking of chemicals, avoiding lighter fluid is another way to make your charcoal grilling greener. A chimney starter is a perfect way to heat up your coals in 10-20 minutes without the scary “volatile organic compound” emissions of lighter fluid.

There is plenty of information out there to help you “green” your backyard cookout. Here are some tips from the Sierra Club to get going. Happy green grilling!