Off to a Solid Start – Week 2

We were pleased as punch today to walk into the site and find that after months of tripping over rocks and rebar Punk’s Backyard Grill has a concrete floor.

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Extreme Makeover — Week 1

As many of you know, construction at the site started early last week after what seemed like an unending process to secure our final building permit.  Well once we had the permit in hand, BGC didn’t waste any time getting right to work. Continue reading

Punk’s + Lederhosen = Annapolis Oktoberfest

This coming Sunday, October 5th, is the 18th Annual West Annapolis Oktoberfest, and the Punk’s team is gearing up for a day of street festival slaw slingin’ (or should I say, “Kohl werfen”?)

Oktoberfest is the premier street festival in Annapolis with over a hundred vendors, beer, brats, and live oom-pah music. Continue reading

Slingin’ Slaw at the County Fair

Last week we pitched our tent at the Anne Arundel County Fair to do what we’ve come to affectionately term “slingin’ slaw.”  I’m not sure who came up with that phrase, but it stuck.  From Wednesday afternoon until Sunday night the Punk’s team braved the elements to spread the word that Punk’s is coming to town.

We had a great spot near the entrance, so our offers of free food went over well with a pre-funnel-caked crowd.  By my quantitative analysis we gave out over 1,000 samples of cole slaw, 500 logo koozies, and a couple hundred stickers. Continue reading

Punk’s is “Coming Soon”

Today we hung the Punk’s Backyard Grill “Coming Soon” banner on the site. It doesn’t actually say “Coming Soon,” but I think it’s pretty apparent that we’re not there yet, and that we are coming…soon.

Obviously this banner is only temporary — the real sign is huge and awesome and electrified. Here’s a picture of Alex, our BGC superintendent, hanging the banner: Continue reading

Let’s buy furniture…a lot of it.

Now that the contracting team at BGC is working on building out the Punk’s space, it’s time to start ordering the tables and chairs so that there’s actually somewhere to sit at this backyard cookout.

To really enhance the backyard atmosphere, the team at Kathy Diamond Design Associates spec’d all of the tables and chairs from “outdoor” collections. Continue reading

Get out your hard hat — it’s time to build a backyard!

After many weeks of design and planning, we’re finally ready to turn our empty space at Westfield Annapolis into the very first Punk’s Backyard Grill. You can see from the “Before” picture that the space isn’t much to look at — it’s mostly dirt, rebar, and couple empty bottles of Yoo-Hoo.

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Recap from the Crab Feast and Westfield Farmers Market

Last weekend was Punk’s first official public debut, and I think that we’ve finally recovered!

On Friday evening we attended the Annapolis Crab Feast with our spiffy green tent and signature striped tablecloth (it matches the awnings on the restaurant.) We gave out samples of cole slaw, red bliss potato salad, and roasted corn and bean salad, which we were preparing right at our booth. T Continue reading