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Let’s be honest.

At Punk’s Backyard Grill®, we believe that the best food starts with honest, quality ingredients. That’s why our freezer is small, and our staff is large. From our aioli to our salad dressings to our veggie burgers, we make most everything in-house every morning using only the freshest ingredients from local suppliers and farms. This is a commitment that we take very seriously, and we are proud of our food.

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9 thoughts on “Menu

  1. So, happy to see some great vegetarian options on your menu! The veggie burger sounds great!!

    The one big problem we always fear is cross contamination of meat grease and left over burger bits on the grill though! Have you guys thought about having a separate side of the grill for just veggies or using maybe foil to cook the burgers on?

  2. Hi Veggie,

    Great question about the veggie burger and the grill — thanks for asking! Since the grill is rather large, we’re planning on reserving a section of it just for our veggie options like the veggie burger and the skewers.

  3. We had the opportunity to try your great salads at the farmers market today. Your food wasa excellent! Question, any chance that you will be posting your nutritional information on your website and/or your menus? Being mindful of what we eat, we are always trying to find low-fat, reasonable caloric content foods and meals cooked with minimal oil. Any chance you could provide this info?

  4. Hi Nina,

    We’re so glad that you enjoyed the salad samples at the Farmer’s Market!

    We are currently in the process of having our menu analyzed for nutritional content, and our goal is to make the information available on our website in time for our fall opening (but our fingers are crossed that we’ll get it up even sooner!)

  5. I’m a local and am looking forward your arrival on the scene. One question…no turkey burgers? They’re a great option for the health conscious person that isn’t quite ready for a veggie burger. Thanks!

  6. would like to see more blackened spice on those shrimp screwers. other than that…truly enjoyed your food!
    health concerns are nutritonal info agree with above writter..would like to see those #s on your site.

  7. We’re so excited to have an affordable, tasty food option at the mall! But I concur with everyone who requested nutritional info on the Punk’s Web site. Hubby and I need to keep our sodium and fat intake on the low side; it would be helpful to know the content in your foods so we can make smart choices.

    • Nutritional information is on the way! The menu is currently under analysis, and we expect to have the numbers back very soon. We will make the information available on our website as soon as it’s ready, and we’ll update you here on the blog as well. Stay tuned!

  8. Just had my first meal at Punk’s. Shrimp skewers on salad was AWESOME good, with big tasty shrimp, fresh salad, nice staff, very accomodating for my friend’s two babies. I’m a big fan already. High quality, tasty meal for a great price…I’m sold!!

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