Get out your hard hat — it’s time to build a backyard!

After many weeks of design and planning, we’re finally ready to turn our empty space at Westfield Annapolis into the very first Punk’s Backyard Grill. You can see from the “Before” picture that the space isn’t much to look at — it’s mostly dirt, rebar, and couple empty bottles of Yoo-Hoo.

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No Dressing in the Dark Here…

Last week the Punk’s team jump-started the process of choosing staff uniforms.

Allowing ourselves to acknowledge our own fashion hang-ups (Dave has a strange aversion to khaki pants, Sheila tends toward “hobo-chic”, and Jeff gets hives at the site of gold-toe socks), we made the wise decision to call Jessica and Rand at Simmons Ardell Design to help turn a mess of uniform catalogs, Pantone chips, and logos into the perfect backyard-casual uniform collection.

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Progress Report: Moving along with site design

After two months (and a few last-minute changes) the design teams from Cini-Little and Kathy Diamond Design Associates have passed the baton to Mike Meyer, Punk’s fearless architect. Mike and his engineers will take the kitchen, dining room and exterior designs and turn them into an official set of construction documents that we’ll submit for building permits in June.

Despite what Bravo’s “Top Chef” might have you believe, one hour and $1500 at Pier One does not restaurant design make. But two years, a team of professionals, and a decidedly larger budget should do the trick.

Off to Scottsdale…

The Punk’s team is headed to Scottsdale, AZ on Tuesday to meet with Kathy and Juerg of Kathy Diamond Design Associates. Kathy and her team have been hard at work preparing the “Sample Board” of all the colors, finishes, and details that they have chosen for the Annapolis site.

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