Rounding the Corners — Week 10

A couple weeks of rain have made finishing the exterior slate difficult.  It’s almost done, though, and the rest of the exterior is almost ready for its finishing touches.  The large beige rectangle to the left of the entry vestibule is the future spot of a graphic billboard.  Our finishing contractors, KGI, will truck the billboard in from Ohio later next week along with the awnings, exterior lights, and Punk’s Backyard Grill sign.

dec16-panoramic-exterior1 Continue reading


Painting and Tiles — Week 9

The past week of construction was full of painting and tile work.  Much of the interior painting is complete, and the tile guys have been hard at work installing the dining room floor and the decorative interior walls.

Here’s a picture of the floor tiles being laid out in a herringbone pattern.

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Adding Some Color — Weeks 7 & 8

Punk’s Backyard Grill came a long way over the past two weeks.

The exterior still looks rough, but the progress is visible.  The floor-to-ceiling glass windows were finally installed last week — evidently the delay was caused by a troublesome glass tempering machine.

The application of the slate tiles is almost complete.  It’s a bit of a slow process since each tile must be applied individually, and the outside temperature can’t be too cold or the tiles won’t stick.  Each slate tile has a slightly different color, so they create an attractive textured appearance when they’re all together. Continue reading

Punk’s is “Coming Soon”

Today we hung the Punk’s Backyard Grill “Coming Soon” banner on the site. It doesn’t actually say “Coming Soon,” but I think it’s pretty apparent that we’re not there yet, and that we are coming…soon.

Obviously this banner is only temporary — the real sign is huge and awesome and electrified. Here’s a picture of Alex, our BGC superintendent, hanging the banner: Continue reading

Let’s buy furniture…a lot of it.

Now that the contracting team at BGC is working on building out the Punk’s space, it’s time to start ordering the tables and chairs so that there’s actually somewhere to sit at this backyard cookout.

To really enhance the backyard atmosphere, the team at Kathy Diamond Design Associates spec’d all of the tables and chairs from “outdoor” collections. Continue reading