Adding Some Color — Weeks 7 & 8

Punk’s Backyard Grill came a long way over the past two weeks.

The exterior still looks rough, but the progress is visible.  The floor-to-ceiling glass windows were finally installed last week — evidently the delay was caused by a troublesome glass tempering machine.

The application of the slate tiles is almost complete.  It’s a bit of a slow process since each tile must be applied individually, and the outside temperature can’t be too cold or the tiles won’t stick.  Each slate tile has a slightly different color, so they create an attractive textured appearance when they’re all together. Continue reading


Tiles, Walls, and Frames — Week 6

The second half of last week was rainy and wet, so plans to install the slate siding on the building were delayed. But framing for the floor to ceiling windows and the entry vestibule continued.


Out the rain, the contractors made a lot of progress inside Continue reading