New Cocktails at Punk’s

We’ve got good news, Punk’s fans! Our cocktail list (version 1) has officially launched. That means that you can now get any of our ten specialty cocktails anytime! Want a margarita? We’ve got you covered. More interested in a Caipirinha? No problem, we’ve got cachaca too.

We’ll still be offering red sangria in the pitcher, but the rest of our drinks will now be made to order. Look below for the full list, after some pics.

Caipirinha   7
Cachaça, lime, sugar
Scotch Old Fashioned   8
Auchentoshan single malt scotch, Reagans orange bitters, Angostura bitters, simple syrup
Applejack Sour   7
Applejack apple brandy, Angostura bitters, lemon
Belleville   7
Sparkling wine, Domaine de Canton ginger liquor, brandy, Reagan’s orange bitters, lemon, lime
Albatross   7
Hop infused Bluecoat gin, Draft Punk IPA, honey syrup, lemon
Swiss Mistress   8
Vodka, St. Germain elderflower liquor, sparkling wine, lemon
Jasmine   8
Gin, Campari, triple sec, lemon
Margarita   7
Tequila, triple sec, lime
Soulless Greyhound   7
Vodka, Domaine de Canton ginger liquor, dry vermouth, grapefruit, lime

Mojito   7
Rum, mint, lime, sugar, club soda


How to Build A Bar (Or, at least how we did it)

As you may or may not have noticed, we decided to add a little bar to the dining room at Punk’s.  It’s a natural extension of what we are already doing, as we’ve been selling you good people a lot of beers for a good amount of time now. Given that we tend to be DIY type people, we decided to build it. Now that it’s finished and still standing, it seemed reasonable to let you know how it went.

We started by sketching up the idea and then heading to Home Depot.  We built the structure with a whole bunch of 2x4s and lots of screws.  Nothing too fancy, just built a base, then framed it out like you would a wall.  This is what we started with. 

We decided to make square boxes at the three corner points for stability.  We built the base and laid it out to make sure our size was right before moving forward.

Typical bar height is 42″ although we went a little bit smaller at 39″ because we wanted it to blend into the dining room a little bit more.  The lower height gives customers better visibility to the grill. So we started framing.

Once the outside framing was done, we rough cut some 8′ x 4′ pieces of plywood and covered the front section.  This all eventually gets finished over, so we didn’t need too much finesse on the plywood cuts.

Next, we brought the structure inside and put it in place.  We then put the cherry paneling on the front.

Somewhere in this process we framed out another row of beams directly parallel to the others, approximately 6″ further in.  We did this for added support and stability.  After the structure was solid, we cut the plywood for the top. We bought higher grade cabinet plywood for the top because we need consistency and a level top for finishes.   This required a little more precision since it becomes the base for the bar top and I think we managed just fine.

We then flipped it around, so it was where we wanted it, and it looked like this.

Next, we threw some plywood on the back side to help seal off any open spaces, which would later get a coat of water resistant paint.

We needed to install some shelving and a sink, which we did without too much trouble.

The next step was the top.  We settled on stone tiles (we’ve never tiled before), so we set them up, and went to work.   We put the tile down, grouted it and left a 2″ rail on the back side for bar mats.  After the tile dried, we put silicone down between the tile and bar mats, and we stained and varnished the exposed wood to help waterproof it.

Finally, we trimmed up all the edges, moved some equipment back there, bought some bar stools and we have a finished product!

Champagne Cocktail Class

This class is not to be missed. We’ve taught a similarly themed class once before and it was a real winner.  Lots of happy people, some delicious sparkling cocktails, and some snazzy small bites.  There’s nothing better than a little bubbly and when you mix it with some gin or vodka or bourbon or rum, the evening improves substantially.

This class will most likely sell out, so contact us now to RSVP.  You can either call the restaurant at 410-571-7744 or email Dave at dmccabe (at) punksbackyardgrill (dot) com.  Below are your relevant details.

What: Champagne Cocktail Class

When: Sunday, August 14th, 5:00pm

Where: Punk’s Backyard Grill, 2188 Annapolis Mall, Annapolis, MD 21401

Who: You?

Why: Because you love the bubbly but have never thought about mixing other spirits with it. And now that we mention it, you’re kind of intrigued.

Private Beer and Cocktail Classes

Looking for something unique and interesting to do with your friends? Do you like beer or cocktails? Well we have just the thing for you, a private beer or cocktail class for you and all of your friends! We host private classes at Punk’s all the time on a variety of topics.  We eat, drink, and all join in on some general merriment.  It’s a pretty good time, if we do say so ourselves, and it provides a unique outlet to enjoy the company of your BFF.

Bittermans, Fee Brothers, Angostura

For the cocktail classes we learn about and taste three different cocktails that range in style depending on the interest of the group. Past cocktail classes have included tiki drinks, champagne cocktails, gin cocktails, fruity cocktails, Christmas cocktails and others. The sky is the limit when thinking about options. Want a pig roast theme? Done. Sex and the City? Done. Grandma’s 92nd birthday cocktails? Done.

For the beer classes we taste five beers within certain style guidelines. Again, the topic here can be whatever you want it to be, depending on the tastes of the group. We’ve taught hops classes, Belgian classes, lager classes, top rated beer classes and more. We even teach classes on how to brew beer. And we bring in new and interesting beers for each class.

Prices for the private classes vary, but start around $45 per person. They include food and drink and usually last 2-3 hours. A great option for office parties, going away parties, bachelor and bachelorette functions, birthday fiascos and Tuesday afternoons.  Because, seriously, how boring is your typical office party?

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Beer Class at Punk’s Backyard Grill: Hops

This month’s beer class is right around the corner and our topic of discussion (and drinking) is everyone’s favorite thing, hops!  We’ll be tasting five beers, all with different types and different applications of hops.  There will be dry hopped beers, bitter beers, aromatic hoppy beers, IPAs, IPAs and more IPAs. It won’t all be IPAs, as we’ll be discussing the use of hops for their preservation and balancing qualities as well, but there will certainly be some hoppy beers in the mix. We will also have some dried hops and hop pellets so we can compare and contrast flavors and aromas.  Mmmmmm, just imagine how good this place is going to smell when it’s filled with delicious hops!  Here are the details:

What: Hops Class at Punk’s Backyard Grill

When: Sunday, May 29th at 5pm

Where: Punk’s Backyard Grill in Annapolis

Cost: $30 per person includes a (generous) tasting of five beers, snacks, and a whole boatload of fun.

Who: You? And a bunch of other like minded individuals.

Why: Seriously? A class about hops and IPAs where you drink and eat and hang out with cool people doesn’t require more convincing.

These classes generally sell out, so RSVP now by calling us at 410-571-7744 or emailing us at dmccabe (at) punksbackyardgrill (dot) com

Upcoming Beer and Cocktail Classes

We did some planning ahead and we’ve come up with a schedule of beer and cocktail classes for the next few months.  We’ll be rotating months, doing a cocktail class next, then a beer class, then cocktail, etc.  If you’d like to rsvp, call us at the restaurant at 410-571-7744.  Have a credit card handy to reserve your spot (don’t worry, we won’t charge it until the day of the class).

The full list will always be on the right hand side of this blog, about halfway down, in case you need a reminder.  All classes are $30 per person and include drinks and snacks. We’ll be tasting three (3) cocktails in each cocktail class and five (5) beers in each beer class.  When you attend the cocktail classes, you go home with at least three recipes.

February 20, 2011 : Vodka Cocktails – Often under appreciated but delicious when done right.

March 27, 2011 : Wheat Beers – Explore many different styles of wheat beers just in time for spring.

April 17, 2011 : Classic Cocktails – Brush up on the classic pre-prohibition favorites.

May 29, 2011 : Hops and IPAs – Who doesn’t like a hop-bomb now and then?  Explore East and West coast favorites.

June 19, 2011 : Tiki Cocktails and Rum Drinks – Throwback to a finer time.  When an umbrella in your drink was hip.

July 17, 2011 : Lagers – Summertime session beers.  Not Bud Light, real lagers.

August 14, 2011 : Champagne Cocktails – Bubbly always makes the party a party.  Now you can make it even better.

September 18, 2011 : Malts – Sample many different types of malts and taste beers made from a staggering variety.

October 16, 2011 : Fall Cocktails – Explore the flavors, herbs and produce of fall.  Brown liquors encouraged.

November 13, 2011 : Stouts and Porters – Get roasty before the snow comes.  Contrary to popular belief, not that heavy.

December 11, 2011 : Holiday Cocktails – Ready for your Christmas party? Not yet…

Cocktail Class: Vodka

We’re bringing back the cocktail class! We’ve been slacking (and doing some other fun things, like hosting beer dinners and burger days) but the time has come for more cocktails in our lives. We’re going to start by talking about and tasting vodka.

Vodka is loved and vodka is hated. Bartenders around the world curse it one day and make delicious cocktails with it the next.  We’ll be discussing why that is, then we’ll be mixing up some cocktails, drinking and laughing the day away.  At least that’s how we envision it.  Three cocktails and snacks will be provided and everyone will get a set of recipes to take home.  Your neighborhood block party will never be the same.

Here are the details:

When: Sunday, February 20th at 5pm

Where: Punk’s Backyard Grill 2188 Annapolis Mall, Annapolis, MD 21401

Why: Why not?

How Much: $30 per person, includes snacks and drinks

RSVP: Call us at 410-571-7744

Who knows, we may even make the infamous breakfast cocktail pictured below!  And yes, that does say “bacon vodka”

Maryland Craft Beer Dinner with Brian Strumke of Stillwater Artisanal Ales

We are teaming up with Dawson’s Liquors in Severna Park to celebrate the best of Maryland craft beer and food. On Thursday, February 3rd we’ll be hosting a beer dinner featuring three top Maryland craft beer producers – Flying Dog Brewery (Frederick, MD), Heavy Seas Brewery (Baltimore, MD), and Stillwater Artisanal Ales (Baltimore, MD). The event will feature two beers from each producer, each paired with a dish highlighting regional Maryland cuisine, created by Punk’s Executive Chef, Dean Maupin.

The event will include a meet and greet with Stillwater Artisanal Ales owner and brewer, Brian Strumke, as well as with representatives from both Flying Dog and Heavy Seas. Brian Strumke’s innovative approach to brewing has garnered attention from national food and craft beer critics and we are currently carrying two of his beers – Existent and Cellar Door. Our Executive Chef Dean Maupin will be here to create and execute unique Maryland food to pair with each beer.

The dinner will start with a “cocktail hour” reception (featuring beer, of course) and will be followed by five unique dishes, including dessert. Representatives from each brewery will introduce and discuss each of the featured beers as they are served. Tickets for the event are $50 per person. For reservations call Punk’s Backyard Grill at 410-571-7744 or email

We’ll be releasing the beer list pretty soon, but for now you’ll just have to trust that there are going to be some real gems in the mix.  And if there is one thing we know how to do, it’s throw a party.  So I’m certain you’ll have a good time.


UPDATE: Check out the menu and the beer list here – Feb 3 MD Beer Dinner at Punk’s