Thank you and goodbye

We are sad to announce that today, Sunday, January 6th, is Punk’s final day of business.  We are tremendously grateful to all of our loyal customers and to the Annapolis community.  Thank you all for making our four years of business so fun, exciting and delicious.



4 thoughts on “Thank you and goodbye

  1. Reblogged this on Noble Experiment and commented:
    I’m sure that many of you have seen this already. But in case you missed it, Punk’s (my stomping grounds) has closed for good. It’s a sad day, for sure, but we have had tremendous support from the community and we are grateful for that. I have no new projects in the works right now, but when something comes my way, I’ll be sure to keep you all in the loop. Thanks to everyone who supported my cocktail and beer programs over the years, I’m sure we will see each other again soon.

  2. I really hope you guys open in a different location. The way you’d shifted the bar & added draft lines was awesome – you’d become a go-to for us. Here’s hoping you find somewhere else where the rent’s more reasonable!

  3. This is so sad, I adore you guys. Hands down the best burgers in Annapolis, no question, and the staff were always terrific.
    Have you looked into DC? I know, I know, DC’s not exactly know for low rent, but some of the up-and-coming northern parts of the city (see: Petworth, Brightwood) are not only pretty cheap for the Mid-Atlantic, but rather starved for great restaurants. And DC is DEFINITELY a beer town.

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