Dueling Casks from Flying Dog on May 17th at Punk’s!

We’ve teamed up with the good folks from Dawson’s Liquors and the fine people at Flying Dog Brewery to put together what is guaranteed to be a killer event.  The Dawson’s crew and the Punk’s crew have each created our own, unique cask conditioned beers at Flying Dog. We chose the base beer, chose all the cask ingredients and we’re debuting both of the beers on Thursday, May 17th starting at 4pm. You can try them side by side and crown the champion.

Not only will it be a killer event, but you’ll be able to try two incredibly unique beers that won’t be available anywhere else, ever. That’s pretty swell, eh? And where else are you going to get delicious cask beer in Annapolis? Nowhere. And I’d put good money on the Flying Dog crew bringing some swag for the people, since they’re good like that.

To top things off, just because we like you, we’re going to offer 10% off all food purchases and $4 pints from both casks while they last. Can’t beat that deal. So let’s show this town that we love real beer and kill some firkins.


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