Cask Punk, Batch 2!

Draft Punk was such a success that we went ahead and brewed another version (when I say we, I mean Steve up there at Oliver Ales in Baltimore). Steve tweaked the recipe a little bit for this one to make it even more delicious, so there will be some slight differences between the two versions.

To kick it off, we’ll be tapping a pin cask, dry hopped with Citra hops. It’s a little cask, so we won’t have that much to go around. I’m certain it will be in and out in one evening, as the last time it only took two hours to kick a full cask.

We’ll be tapping the cask on Tuesday, July 19th at 4pm and you can snag a pint for $3 during happy hour, until 6pm.  Then it’ll be back to the normal price, if its still around.  You don’t get casks in Annapolis too often, so get down here and check it out!

To recap…

What: A pin cask of Draft Punk, batch 2!

When: Tuesday, July 19th at 4:00pm

Where: Punk’s Backyard Grill, 2188 Annapolis Mall, Annapolis, MD

Who: You? And lots of other cool peopl


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