Draft Punk Release Party Details – Monday, May 16th 6:00pm

We got tired of all this text so we decided to make a video to announce the release party for our collaboration beer! If you’re not a reader, just skip the rest of this and watch the video below. If reading is your thing, then here’s the deal:

We’re kicking off American Craft Beer Week with the release of our collaboration beer, “Draft Punk,” brewed with Oliver Ales in Baltimore! To celebrate, we will be offering $3 pints, souvenir glassware, and 20% off of all food from 6:00pm – 10:00pm on Monday, May 16th.  We will be tapping traditional kegs as well as a firkin for this event.

The recipe for “Draft Punk” was created by Brewmaster Steve Jones of Oliver Ales in collaboration with David McCabe, one of the owners of Punk’s Backyard Grill.  The final product is a 7.0% ABV American IPA that was bittered with Chinook hops and finished with whole leaf Cascade hops.  It was then dry hopped in the conditioning tank with additional whole leaf Cascades.

It’s going to be delicious.  Trust us. And we had a blast brewing with Steve, so a big shout out to the Oliver Ales crew and all the kind folks at the Pratt St. Ale House.  Now watch the video!


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