$3 Burger Day at Punk’s!

We made it through two years!  It feels like only yesterday since we went from this,

to this.

But we couldn’t be happier.  We’ve had a lot of fun, met some great people and we’re ready to catch up on our sleep! But seriously, the fact that we’ve managed to stay open is due to all of you, our loyal and lovely guests!  So a big THANK YOU for your continued support.

Now it’s time to celebrate.  We figured that the best way to celebrate our second birthday was to give back to the people who have helped us along the way.  As a thank you, we’re going to throw a $3 burger day! Come in anytime on Monday, January 31st for lunch or dinner and you can get any of our signature burgers – the all-natural, homemade veggie or turkey – for only $3!

These days, $3 doesn’t get you much.  You could park for 12 minutes downtown, maybe get an apple at Whole Foods, get a 24oz tall boy of PBR, or get 1/2 gallon of gas. We’re helping to make your $3 more useful 🙂


For those of you who may not have made it out here yet, this is a perfect opportunity! Here are the menu descriptions for those $3 burgers:

The Punk’s All-Natural Burger (regularly $6.49), the most popular menu item at Punk’s, is made from hormone-free, antibiotic-free, sustainably raised beef from Creekstone Farms®.

Punk’s Turkey Burger (regularly $6.99) is pattied in house with fresh herbs, grilled, and topped with applewood smoked bacon, cranberry relish, bibb lettuce, and sage mayonnaise.

Finally, the Homemade Veggie Burger (regularly $6.49), one of Punk’s signature items, is made in house from black beans and brown rice, grilled, and brushed with Punk’s savory barbecue sauce.

All three of the burgers are served on freshly-baked brioche buns that arrive daily from Lyon Bakery in Washington, DC.


And a few pictures to really bring it home.


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