Fall Menu Items Start Rolling In

Summer is over. There, I said it.  And now you have to deal with it.

But here at Punk’s, we want to help ease the transition.  And we’re doing it by bringing back your favorite fall dishes from last year and by throwing a few new ones in the mix.  We listened when you told us that you missed the Harvest Salad, Pecan Pie, and especially the Smokey Black Bean Soup.  So as someone more famous than us once said (probably), “ask and you shall receive”!

We’ll be rolling out some fall specials and new items over the next few weeks, so stay tuned.  And for those of you who forgot, here are a few of the staples that you’ll see starting today!

Harvest Salad: Mixed greens, applewood smoked bacon, candied pumpkin seeds, green apple, gorgonzola cheese and apple cider vinaigrette

Smokey Black Bean Soup: Made with roasted jalapeno and applewood smoked bacon, topped with sour cream and green onion

Pecan Pie: Need I say more?

Apple Crumb Pie

You’ll also see some fall cocktails and fall beers, but we’ll save those details for another juicy post.


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