Put on your sailing shoes: Summer in Annapolis (via Punk’s Backyard Grill)

This was (and still is) a popular post around the restaurant. And given that it’s summertime and everyone is trying to find their way out of the city, I thought I’d re-post it to aid in your summer travel plans.

Now you’ll need to keep two important factors in mind when reading this since a few things have have changed since we posted this two years ago:

1. Punk’s is open for business.
2. We have a new Mayor, Josh Cohen. You can find a link to his bio here – (We didn’t want you to think we were really out of touch)

So, start planning your weekend and get out here!!

I know that many of you, dear blog readers, do not have the fortune of living in Annapolis. So for all you, I’ve put together a ten-point list of why you should make it a point to spend time there this summer.

1. It’s the state capitol of Maryland. And not only is the State House the oldest capitol in the US that is still in legislative use, but the dome on top is the oldest and largest of its kind.

2. It’s the “Sailing Capitol of the World.” And … Read More

via Punk’s Backyard Grill


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