Spring Cocktail Class at Punk’s!

It’s time for another cocktail class at Punk’s!

Back by popular demand, the date for the next cocktail class has been set for 7pm on Wednesday, May 19th.  We’ve changed the date from a Sunday afternoon to a Wednesday night, so take note.  Sundays tend to be a little bit hectic in our backyard, so we figured an evening class mid-week might be more approachable.  In this month’s session we will be learning more about spring cocktails.  This is our second class based on spring cocktails and we’ll have new recipes and new drinks for you all to try.  So if you like the spring time and you like cocktails, this is the class for you!

The specific drinks that will be covered is yet to be determined, so stay tuned to this blog, the Punk’s Facebook page, and the Punk’s Twitter Feed for more information.  Cost for this class will be $20 per person and it will include a couple of cocktails and appetizers.

To RSVP either call us at 410-571-7744 or email us at dmccabe @ punksbackyardgrill.com


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