It’s an Army-Navy Football Discount at Punk’s!

On Sunday, December 12th, we renew the gridiron rivalry between Army and Navy.  Since 1890, these two institutions have been battling it out on the football field for a year’s worth of bragging rights.  And although Navy has won the previous seven consecutive years, we always expect Army to put up a good fight.

For those of you attending this time honored tradition, which is being held at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Punk’s will be offering a special discount the entire week following the game. Just bring in your ticket stub from the game and we’ll give you a discount worth the number of points that Navy wins the game by.  So assuming that Navy wins (come on people, of course Navy will win), the discount could be 10%, 21% or 35% off an entrée…or more! The promotion will run from Sunday, Dec. 13 to Sunday, Dec. 20.

So get out there and support Navy football.  And then come feed your friends and families at Punk’s!


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