Annapolis Feature in Washingtonian Magazine

This month’s issue of Washingtonian magazine has a great article called the “Best of Annapolis”. As always, the folks at the Washingtonian have searched high and low to find the best places to eat, shop, visit and enjoy in our great community. The issue also has a great section on day trips in the area which includes everything from historic walking tours to sailing lessons to boat cruises.

We are thrilled to be included in the “Real Good Eats” section and we’re happy that Annapolis is getting the attention that it deserves.   Todd Kliman, food critic for the Washingtonian, seems to enjoy the food at Punk’s, mentioning in his piece that:

The burgers are made with Vande Rose Farms beef and come on a fresh briche bun, the ice cream is from Gifford’s and the Tempranillo-based sangria is made fresh daily.  Organic and local seldom come cheaper.”

The content isn’t available on their website yet, so head out and pick up a hard copy at your local bookstore and get out to Annapolis!


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