Maryland Green Registry Certified!

We’ve been working hard on our green initiatives at Punk’s.  All of our take-out packaging from Eco Products is made from wheat, corn and/or sugar cane and it is all completely biodegradable and compostable.  Our to-go utensils come from Taterware and are made entirely from potato starches.  Our to-go bags are made from 100% recycled paper.  We also have “energy star” certified equipment in the restaurant, including our hand dryers, our dishwasher, our small reach in freezer, and some of our refrigeration.  We’re committed to making a difference and we know that every little bit helps.

So, when we heard of the Maryland Green Registry program, we thought it was a great way to assess our current “green” strengths and to get some new ideas to implement in the restaurant.  After a thorough review from the folks at the governor’s office we are happy to announce that we are now officially certified by the program! That doesn’t give us a free pass to rest on our current initiatives, in fact, it does just the opposite.  It is a sign of our continuing commitment to come up with and implement higher impact plans and to continue making positive changes where we can.


You can find out more about the Maryland Green Registry on their website and see a list of certified businesses here.  And if own a business or are just looking to make the world a more sustainable place, their website also has a lot of great tips that you can start implementing today!


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