Celebrate Your Next Event With Punk’s Backyard Grill

It’s now mid-August and the summer is winding down. And although we love those summer months, we’re not much discouraged by the onset of fall as there are so many great things to look forward to in Annapolis. We have Navy football playing their first game on September 5th, the West Annapolis Oktoberfest in it’s 19th year, the US Sailboat and Powerboat shows in October, and much, much more. With all this to look forward to, it’s hard to be bummed about the end of summer.

Now with all of these exciting events upcoming, not to mention whatever it is that you may have planned, we wanted to let you know that you can get all of your favorite Punk’s menu items catered! Whether you’re tailgating at the game, having friends or family over for dinner, or feeding the little league team, we can help you make sure that everyone leaves happy and well fed. So far this month we’ve catered a lot of fun events, including our first wedding, a family reunion, a few office parties and open houses, and some good old fashioned backyard cookouts.

With the entire menu at your disposal, Punk’s can offer great flexibility in making your event run just the way you want it. So take a look at our catering menus on the website and start planning!



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