Responsible Farming at Vande Rose Farms

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about Vande Rose Farms.  People see the name listed on the menu and they want to know who these people are and why we’ve chosen to use their products.  Currently, we’re using a whole bunch of Vande Rose products including their ground beef, flat iron steaks, flank steaks and premium Duroc bacon, so we figured it was a good time to share their vision with you.

In addition to their many accolades (including praise from Cook’s Illustrated for their bacon), Vande Rose has a commitment to doing business in a responsible manner. That commitment is pretty well summed up by the following excerpt, taken from their website

For more than a century, our families have been successful because we’ve maintained a balanced focus on conscientious farming practices and exceptional tasting beef and pork. We feed no growth promotants, hormones or antibiotics to our livestock. We care for and protect the natural environment around us. And we treat our neighbors, our employees and our customers like family because family comes first.

In our humble opinion, that paragraph really captures the reasons why Vande Rose Farms is such a good fit for Punk’s.  The combination of responsible and sustainable farming practices, together with fantastic tasting beef and pork has proven to be a match made in farming heaven. And, both their Hereford cattle and Duroc pork are raised exclusively on a diet of natural grains and corn, which sounds like a pretty good diet these days.  If you want a more interactive glimpse into Vande Rose Farms, check out these “farm tour” pictures on their website.

There are a few other restaurants worth checking out in the greater Washington, DC area that are also using Vande Rose Farms products, including Redwood in Bethesda and Dino, Cafe Saint Ex, and Mendocino Grille in DC.


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