Pitcher Drinks in the Summertime!

I’m just going to come out and say it – we’re strong advocates of cocktails that can be made and served in a pitcher.  It’s what we do here at Punk’s and we think it really is an underrated way to enjoy a nice summer cocktail.  No offense intended to the talented bartenders who mix up drinks to order, as we feel that we can learn a lot from their craft.  However, there’s a certain summery deliciousness to pitcher drinks and here at Punk’s, we want to celebrate that approach.

If you’ve ever stopped in for a bite to eat with us, you’ve probably noticed the pitchers of cocktails that we have displayed at the order counter.  Sangria has really become a customer favorite, proving time and again to be a top seller,  but we’re working hard on some other options that we think are also worthy of your time.  Just this past weekend we mixed up a few new libations that went over quite well.  There was a mojito made with Orangina, a rum punch made with homemade grenadine (more on that later), a strawberry caipiroska, and a few others.  We’re continually testing out new options (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it) and we have a  handful of new drinks that we’ll be rolling out throughout the rest of the summer.

This “Pitcher Drink Slideshow” from the website of Food and Wine Magazine is a great testament to what you can do with pitcher drinks.  We’re certain that you probably don’t have an on-call bartender in your backyard, so the next time you gather for a cookout, consider making some pitcher drinks to serve.  If you need some suggestions, take a look here for some pretty swell ideas.  We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised (seriously, how good does this look).  And next time you stop into Punk’s, why not test out a cocktail?  We have the same mantra for our drinks that we do for our food – high quality ingredients, made fresh.  That means you’ll find fresh squeezed lime juice, fresh herbs, homemade mixers, and quality alcohol like 100% blue agave tequila (nothing scary there).

And speaking of high quality, we’ve taken a page from the playbooks of some great DC area mixologists and started making our own mixers.  That means we can avoid the puckery, sugar studded store-bought mixers and replace them with an honest combinations of ingredients.  Right now, we’re making a batch of grenadine for the rum punch, falernum for the caipiroskas, and ginger simple syrup for a new peach cocktail that’s in the works.  Those store bought mixers certainly have a place, but it’s not in our kitchen.


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