Punk’s Has a New Website!

The new Punk’s Backyard Grill website is finally live and we couldn’t be happier!  If you have a few minutes to dig around the new site you’ll find all sorts of great new features.  You can link directly to our Twitter and Facebook pages, send comments to the restaurant, listen to chirping birds, join our e-club, learn a little bit about our philosophy, see the premium ingredients we use, and much more.  Plus, now you can see pictures of the restaurant and some real Punk’s employees!! All those smiling faces you see on the website are the same ones you’ll see when you come join us for lunch and dinner.  And while you’re browsing be sure to check out the bio of Chef Dean, the mastermind behind the food at Punk’s.

Whether you’re local or interested from afar, the new site will give you some great new ways to keep in touch with everything that’s happening in the restaurant.  Many thanks must go out to our graphic design team at Simmons Ardell and our programmers at Transit ID who have been working around the clock to finish things up.

We’d love to hear your comments, so feel free to chime in below with your thoughts on the new site.


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