It’s (almost) the 4th of July!

Nothing says backyard grilling quite like the 4th of July, and here at Punk’s Backyard Grill, we can’t think of a holiday that makes us happier.  I mean, seriously, a holiday that not only celebrates American independence, but does so by grilling in the backyard and kicking back to have a few beers with your friends and family? Come on people, what more could you ask for in a holiday?

So, as you can imagine, we’re pretty excited for the coming weekend and we’re kicking off our first 4th of July in high style.  We’re breaking out the big grill, throwing it on the patio, tapping a keg, and having a party.  There’s nothing like a good old celebration of American independence and no better place to celebrate than Punk’s Backyard Grill (at least that’s what we think).

We’ll have some great new menu items debuting for the weekend alongside our classic backyard fare.  You can expect apple pie, our “now-in-season” peach cobbler, grilled corn on the cob, watermelon and much more (let us know what you like and vote in our dessert poll below).  And for all of you beer drinkers out there, we’ll be tapping a keg of Sam Adams Summer out on the patio.  What better way to celebrate American independence than by drinking a delicious beer that is named after a patriot?

So as you start making your plans for the 4th of July, how about meeting some friends at Punk’s for a little celebration? We’ll be firing up the outdoor grill and tapping the kegs on Friday at 11am, and the celebration will continue on through Sunday afternoon.

And if you’re looking to spend the day out and about in Annapolis, check out the Annapolis Visitors Bureau home page for some good ideas on what to do –


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