Good Deals: Punk’s Listed in “Cheap Eats” and Wins “Best Bang for Your Buck”

Who doesn’t love a good deal? (Especially these days.)

Back in the day when Punk’s was little more than an idea on paper, we knew that we wanted to offer great food at affordable prices.  Now if you watch television these days, there are plenty of commercials from restaurants touting their “great deals” and their menus that offer lots of food for not a lot of money.  But in my book, a great deal doesn’t necessarily mean more for the money — it means better for the money.  And its looks like I’m not alone.

The June issue of Washingtonian magazine features the annual “Cheap Eats” list — the editors’ picks for the 100 best bargain restaurants in the greater Washington DC metro area — and guess who made the list? Yep. The list isn’t online yet, so you’ll have to pick up a copy on newsstands.  In the spirit of good deals, this issue is well worth buying — it’s the most used reference resource in my house for sure.

In other “good deals” news: Punk’s won “Best Bang for Your Buck” in the annual What’s Up Annapolis magazine “Best of Annapolis” poll.  Of all the categories, we couldn’t have picked a better one to win.  Punk’s is about feeling as good about what you ate as you are about what you paid.

There are plenty of places to eat that won’t break the bank, but what about the food?  We shouldn’t have to compromise the quality of food we eat in the interest of affordability.  Two weeks ago, Dave attended the National Restaurant Show in Chicago.  A vendor offered him a sample of pre-cooked, pre-crumbled bacon.  The salesman praised the product’s cost-effectiveness, ease of use, and (worst of all) popularity.  Seriously? How hard is it to cook bacon and crumble it?  Needless to say, Dave didn’t buy any.

So many thanks to Washingtonian and everyone who voted for us in the What’s Up Annapolis poll. We’re pleased as Myers Dark Rum Punch ($7.00 per glass) for the recognition.


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