Spring Is In the Air and On Your Plate

It is finally starting to feel as though spring is here for good.  The 70 degree weather is starting to stick and I think we’re all hoping that the rains have passed once and for all.  With the onslaught of spring comes many great things, most importantly new seasonal produce.  Here at Punk’s, we’re pretty excited about the springtime as it gives us an opportunity to showcase some great backyard cookout foods that we just can’t get our hands on in the winter.

We’re particularly excited about the coming of rhubarb, and apparently, we’re not the only ones.  If you happen to be in Minnesota in June, you could attend the annual rhubarb festival in Lanesboro. Minnesota.  Everyone knows that you can eat rhubarb and at the annual festival in Lanesboro, you’ll have your pick of pies, cobblers, cakes, jams and soups, as well as many other local favorites.  But in addition to eating rhubarb, you can participate in the Rhubarb 5K Run, enter the rhubarb stalk throwing contest, the rhubarb toss, the rhubarb golf competition, and the rhubarb basketball skills challenge.  I think the golf looks like the most fun, with participants using a rhubarb stalk to golf a ping pong ball into the hole.  Lanesboro is the “Rhubarb Capital of Minnesota“, as proclaimed by the Minnesota legislature last year (see below), so we’re pretty certain it will be worth the trip.


Here at Punk’s, you’ll start to see more seasonal and local produce finding it’s way onto the menu.  This past week, Chef Dean came armed with a bounty of seasonal products and we started tasting some new menu items for the springtime.  After a full day of eating, eating some more, and eating some more, we found some great new items to incorporate on the spring menu. We haven’t finalized everything at this point, so I can’t give you all the information you may desire, but let’s just say that we think you’ll be pretty happy.  There will be great seasonal items such as rhubarb (of course), Eastern Shore corn, beautiful seasonal tomatoes, grilled asparagus, and much more.  So now that spring has sprung, stop in, say hello, and enjoy everything that spring has to offer!


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