Ohhhhh Delicious Bread

Here at Punk’s Backyard Grill, we really like our bread.  We ate our way through many local bakeries trying to find the perfect bread for our sandwiches and at the end of the day, we think we found the best bun our there.  What we chose was a brioche bun from Lyon Bakery. 

Lyon Bakey (www.lyonbakery.com) is located in Southwest DC and they bake bread to order, seven days per week.  That means at Punk’s, we get fresh baked bread delivered in the morning every day of the week.  And in our humble opinion, there are few things better than fresh baked bread. In additon, Lyon Bakery uses no trans fats, no preservatives, and they only use all natural ingredients.  At Punk’s, we love all natural products (try the burger and the flat iron steak!) and we are all about keeping you (and keeping us) healthy.  So the no trans fat thing is really a big bonus.  Plus who needs preservatives when you can get fresh bread every day?

Needless to say, we love our bread and we’re pretty certain you will too.  So stop in, give it a try and let us know what you think!


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