Sipping on something a little different

For those of you who may have joined us for a meal at Punk’s, you probably noticed that our soda fountain is a little bit different than what you see at other restaurants.  We don’t offer Coke or Pepsi, and you may not have heard of the folks who make our soda. However, after drinking our way through almost every carbonated beverage on the planet, we stumbled upon the a product so much better than the others that we had tasted, that we dropped all previous plans and decided that  this was what we needed.  We picked a soda fountain from Boylan Bottling Co. because we found  that it had a superior taste, superior ingredients and a pretty cool story.

Boylan Bottling Co. was founded in 1891 by William Boylan, a pharmacist in New Jersey.  Since his original recipe was created in the 1800’s, not much has changed in the Boylan’s formula. When all of the major carbonated beverage distributors switched to less expensive high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener , Boylan’s remained true to the original recipe.  To this day, they still use all-natural cane sugar in their beverages, and the diet sodas use Splenda (also made from real sugar.)  On top of all that, Boylan Bottling Co. is still a family run company, operated by the Fiorina family (in the 1930’s, Frank Fiorina was the sole driver on  Boylan’s distribution route.)

Boylan’s has a number of cool flavors, and Punk’s features the Birch Beer, Black Cherry, Diet Black Cherry, Creme Soda, and Diet Creme Soda (and they’re all caffeine free!)  Don’t stress about which one to choose — even we sometimes have trouble choosing –just take it one at a time and work your way down the fountain!


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