Painting and Tiles — Week 9

The past week of construction was full of painting and tile work.  Much of the interior painting is complete, and the tile guys have been hard at work installing the dining room floor and the decorative interior walls.

Here’s a picture of the floor tiles being laid out in a herringbone pattern.


And over on the other side of the dining room, the tile guys were working on the red brick interior walls.


The red “bricks” are similar to the white ones — thin, decorative bricks that are applied right over the drywall.  Unlike the white bricks, though, the red bricks vary in their thickness and create great texture together.  Here’s a close up of the red bricks:


The ceiling was first to be painted, and the walls came next.  Here’s a picture of the fresh paint job in the back hallway that leads to the restrooms.



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