Slingin’ Slaw at the County Fair

Last week we pitched our tent at the Anne Arundel County Fair to do what we’ve come to affectionately term “slingin’ slaw.”  I’m not sure who came up with that phrase, but it stuck.  From Wednesday afternoon until Sunday night the Punk’s team braved the elements to spread the word that Punk’s is coming to town.

We had a great spot near the entrance, so our offers of free food went over well with a pre-funnel-caked crowd.  By my quantitative analysis we gave out over 1,000 samples of cole slaw, 500 logo koozies, and a couple hundred stickers.

Here’s a view of the road leading up to the exhibit halls taken next to our tent.  The 20-foot statue of Paul Bunyan, known as the Fair Giant, is visible above the tents on the left.

And here’s a picture of Rachel, Alyssa, and Scott making samples and promoting our email list.

Many, many thanks to the Feldman sisters, Jill, John, Rachel, Alyssa, Ashley, Scott, Pete and Paul, — we couldn’t have done it without your generous and tireless help.


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