Wanted: Someone to work the Punk’s tent so that we can eat the crabs

Well, the word is definitely getting out that Punk’s is moving into Westfield Annapolis. On Thursday The Capital ran a story about two mega-chains also preparing to open at the mall — Cheesecake Factory and Crate and Barrel — maybe you’ve heard of them? Anyhow, we were pleased as punch to get a great mention alongside our neighbors-to-be.

The timing is quite nice since we’re scheduled to make our first real debut to the Annapolis community next week. No, the magical construction fairy didn’t finish the site overnight. But on Friday, August 1st we are bringing the backyard to a perfect grassy plot at the Annapolis Crab Feast. (And for what its worth, I’m convinced that our tent getup is going to bring nomadic-chic to a whole new level.

In its 63rd year, the Annapolis Rotary Crab Feast is the Rotary’s primary annual fundraiser. Since the club pays its own administrative fees, 100% of the proceeds from the event go directly to charities and non-profits in the community. And the event makes a big impact — last year’s Crab Feast raised over $60,000.

The Crab Feast is an all-you-can-eat event (my favorite kind) and you gotta love “statistics” like this:

3000 people, 478 bushels of crabs, 3400 ears of corn, 130 gallons of crab soup, 1800 hot dogs, 150 pounds of beef barbecue, hundreds of gallons of soft drinks and beer.

Eating crabs and helping the community are reasons enough, but if you still haven’t bought your ticket, let me entice you with the promise of free Punk’s Backyard Grill samples and officially sanctioned promotional merchandise. And if you’re the lucky, you can play a game of “watch the tent while Dave and Sheila go eat crabs.” Okay, we won’t really play that game, but we do accept donations in the form of crustaceans.

Here’s where to find us and bring us your extra crabs:
Friday, August 1st
5pm – 8pm
Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, Annapolis, MD
Tickets: $65 for adults, $35 for kids, $0 for kids under 6


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