Something to read while you wait…

Lots of Punk’s news is coming just around the bend, so here’s a great article for you to read while you wait.

This a fascinating profile from the New Yorker about Grant Achatz, an acclaimed, cutting-edge chef (actually, molecular gastronomist) in Chicago who nearly loses his tongue to cancer.

In 2002, the Chicago Tribunes restaurant reviewer gave Trio four stars; a year later, the James Beard Foundation named Achatz its Rising Star Chef. A month or two after that, a tiny lesion appeared midway along the left side of Achatz’s tongue.

D.T. Max’s profile presents Achatz’s remarkable personal story and in doing so explores the intimate relationship between a chef and his most important tool — his tongue.

A Man of Taste
A chef with cancer fights to save his tongue

by D. T. Max


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