Put on your sailing shoes: Summer in Annapolis

I know that many of you, dear blog readers, do not have the fortune of living in Annapolis. So for all you, I’ve put together a ten-point list of why you should make it a point to spend time there this summer.

1. It’s the state capitol of Maryland. And not only is the State House the oldest capitol in the US that is still in legislative use, but the dome on top is the oldest and largest of its kind.

2. It’s the “Sailing Capitol of the World.” And there are many great opportunities to break out the Top-siders without the pains of boat ownership. Learn to sail, cruise on a 74-foot schooner, or charter a Chesapeake bay cruise and leave the maintenance to someone else.

3. It’s closer than you think. See for yourself here. If you’re in DC, Annapolis is about as far away as Dulles only in the other direction. Depending on where you hop on the beltway, the drive is 45 minutes to a little over an hour and is remarkably less painful than trying to drive through Farragut Square during rush hour.

4. You can eat great seafood. There are number of local spots to dine on fresh-caught seafood and crabs, and if you want to make a whole day out of dining (is there any better kind of day?) visit the Maryland Seafood Festival held annually the weekend after Labor day.

5. It’s full of rich US history. From Revolutionary War era homes to 400 years of maritime history, Annapolis presents its important role in American history in a number of museums and memorials. Check out fun historical facts here.

6. It’s home to the US Naval Academy. Take a tour of the campus that once was home to Jimmy Carter, John McCain, and Jim Webb. You can also visit the official Naval Academy Museum.

7. You can tour St. John’s College. St. John’s College is a small liberal arts college known for its “great books” curriculum. While touring the campus in beautiful historic Annapolis, you think about all the books you never finished reading or, in my case, the entire year that it took to read A Man in Full.

8. You can practice the drive to Punk’s Backyard Grill at the Westfield Annapolis Mall so that you’ll be fully prepared come October.

9. There’s plenty of cultural stuff to do. Annapolis has a symphony orchestra, a ballet, and an opera. And if you’re looking for something less Turandot and more Turkey Leg, Annapolis hosts the annual Maryland Renaissance festival (it’s the second largest in the country!)

10. The locals are friendly. Civic pride says a lot about a community, and Annapolitans have a lot (it’s not hard to see why!) Get the inside scoop on Annapolitan life from The Capital newspaper, and be on the look out for Mayor Ellen Moyer.

See you in Annapolis!


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