Off to Scottsdale…

The Punk’s team is headed to Scottsdale, AZ on Tuesday to meet with Kathy and Juerg of Kathy Diamond Design Associates. Kathy and her team have been hard at work preparing the “Sample Board” of all the colors, finishes, and details that they have chosen for the Annapolis site.

[Sample boards] are specific to 3D projects and are put together to create the general feeling of the overall project image and show the proposed materials, furnishing, finishes, preferably in proportion to each other. For example, if a large quantity of a paint is used in a scheme, it should be represented by a large sample, not a small one. By keeping the samples in proportion to their intended applications, relationships are maintained.

If you’re planning a DIY redecoration, read more about Mood and Sample Boards here.

In addition to the Sample Board, Kathy has rounded up samples of the furniture and other design elements that will become part of the interior. After looking at renderings for so long, it’ll be great to see the design really come to life.


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