My Punk’s Gift Registry

It’s officially wedding season. I’m not getting married, but I am definitely in the market for kitchen equipment. For the past month, Ron and Laura at Cini-Little have been working hard at designing the “back of house” and choosing each piece of equipment. Inspired by my dear friends’ wedding registries, I’ve made my own list of kitchen wares that the Punk’s team needs to start its new life in Annapolis. No giftwrap, please.

1. Food Processor

Let the newlyweds enjoy their 14-cup Cuisinart Food Processors. For serious prepping, I need a 7-Qt Robot Coupe. According to the product specs, the Robot Coupe can prepare 2000 servings in less that 3 hours. Now that’s a whole lotta salsa.

2. Coffee Maker

Nothing says romance like a Bodum French Press, and the taste of its brewed coffee is even better than its inherent charm. But when it comes to really getting going in the morning, I need a commercial Bunn Coffee Maker that can brew 11.4 gallons of piping hot joe per hour.

3. Stand Mixer

A KitchenAid Stand Mixer is at the heart of many brides’ gift registries. Do they really love to bake? Maybe. Do they really love pink, orange, and yellow appliances? Definitely. When it comes to serious mixing, however, Hobart is the way to go. The smallest Hobart Stand Mixer has a 30 quart capacity and the largest has 140 quart capacity and a 5 horsepower motor. Best of all, the mixers have a push-button feature that raises and lowers the mixing bowl and a swinging arm for easy access.

4. Salad Spinner

Laugh if you want, but Salad Spinners are handy tools. While the OXO Salad Spinner is perfect for “date night” dinners, the professional kitchen needs something with a little more torque. The Dynamic 5 gallon Salad Spinner with the crank handle can handle 6 to 8 heads of lettuce and comes in a visually striking parking cone orange color.

5. Electric Slicer

I find it questionable that anyone would actually need an electric slicer at home, but the folks at Williams Sonoma seem to disagree. The Chef’s Choice Electric Slicer is suitable for the bride or groom who plans to slice a whole turkey or requires “perfectly uniform slices.” All neuroses aside, an electric slicer is a mainstay in a commercial kitchen. The Univex Heavy Duty Automatic Slicer can handle slices from 0″ to 1.19″ and has a built-in blade sharpener. Watch your fingers, please.


One thought on “My Punk’s Gift Registry

  1. I laughed at salad spinners until I owned one. I never thought it would make a difference whether I used that or a bowl, but it’s just much more fun. Plus no tossing by hand. 2000 servings of salsa from the 7-quart robot coupe? That’s ridiculous! But I do make a giant batch of homemade salsa once a year, and that would make it much easier and faster.

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