Green Grilling

The cherry blossoms are starting to bloom all over D.C., and that means that the warm days of backyard grilling are imminent. This year, consider doing the cherry blossoms a favor and take your grilling green.

With the growing concerns over energy use and carbon emissions, grilling product manufacturers are offering more “green grilling” options than ever before – and you can still stay loyal to your side of the gas vs. charcoal debate.

Fire Stone Home Products, makers of gas grills since 1975, has introduced the Cook Number® Gas Grill which reportedly uses less than half the energy of regular gas grills. According to the company’s website,

“If the US market shifted to Cook Number Gas Grills using just 30,000 BTUs/hour or equally efficient ones, we would save 30 Million barrels of crude oil/year.”

Technically speaking, gas grilling is greener than charcoal grilling since gas grills produce about half as much CO2. But fortunately for those of us who are stalwart in our commitment to charcoal there are green options for us as well.

GreenLink International sells environmentally friendly briquettes made from old coconut shells that are 100% free of fillers and chemicals, so they burn cleaner. Speaking of chemicals, avoiding lighter fluid is another way to make your charcoal grilling greener. A chimney starter is a perfect way to heat up your coals in 10-20 minutes without the scary “volatile organic compound” emissions of lighter fluid.

There is plenty of information out there to help you “green” your backyard cookout. Here are some tips from the Sierra Club to get going. Happy green grilling!


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