Nothing Says “I Love You” Like Grilling

As you probably know already Valentine’s Day is on Thursday. This year, instead of making your usual “good for one free back rub” coupon (which you know you’ll never honor thanks to your extensive list of terms and conditions), we here at Punk’s would like to suggest that you pull out your wallet and give a grilling gift instead.

Since there is an abundance of grill-themed gifts out there, we’ve tried to take the pressure off you by pre-selecting a few of the best. Happy shopping!

Monogrammed Grilling Brand
What better way to lay claim to your meat than by burning your initials into it? For about $25 you can customize your grilled entrée with your initials, your college logo, or even a dollar sign.

Talking Meat Thermometer
Never again will you be to blame for your partner’s over-cooked steak. For a mere $60 plus shipping and handling, you can now officially pass the blame to your little thermometer friend who told you the steak was medium-rare. Just make sure there’s enough room on the couch for both you and the thermometer.

Double Beer-Can Chicken Cooker
There might be nothing more romantic than sticking a beer can in a chicken cavity. So lucky for you this gift is doubly romantic. For about $35 you can not only cook two whole chickens at once (one for you and one for your partner of course), but you can also avoid those pesky toxic fumes that come from burning beer can labels.

Niman Ranch Weekend Gift Pack
Everyone knows that a weekend isn’t complete without a whole lot of meat. For $140 you and your partner can spend the weekend feasting on four filet mignons, four bratwursts, and four pork chops. We suppose you could invite some other couples to join you, but wouldn’t the extra company just dampen the romance?

Grilling and Barbecue Classes at Fancy Resorts

BBQ University at The Broodmoor
Colorado Springs, CO — June 1-3, 2008
BBQ Mastery at The Greenbrier
(Chef Dean Maupin’s alma mater)
While Sulphur Springs, WV — June 29-July 2, 2008

What’s the nicest way to tell your loved one that they can’t grill worth a lick? Take them to a really nice resort, wine ‘em, dine ‘em, and make them spend three days in school. But since the classes are hands-on and the students probably get to eat a whole lot of great grilled and barbecue classics, your spouse will probably thank you for it. And if all goes as planned and your spouse actually learns something, you both will enjoy this gift for a long time (which is good because it’s not cheap.)


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