Update from the Backyard

We apologize for the delay in our posts…but the last weeks of 2007 brought
huge developments that kept us busy around-the-clock. The biggest news is
that we decided not to proceed with the Fairmont Ave. site in Bethesda. The Punk’s team was ready to sign the deal but, at the last minute, the terms unfortunately started changing. It was disappointing to say the least, but ultimately we decided that we could find a better quality site at the new price being demanded, with far fewer complications. So we opted out of further negotiations and decided to move on.

So where does that leave Punk’s? The bad news is that our opening will likely be delayed for a few months. But there is plenty of good news, too. We have hired a new brokerage firm, StreetSense, and they have already initiated conversations for us on several great sites. We are working hard to secure a new “A” class space for Punk’s, and we’ve already made great progress, so it appears that the events in Bethesda turned out for the better!

We’ll keep you posted on our progress, as always. Best wishes to you — our dear blog readers — for a happy and healthy 2008!


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