Why we don’t use the “B” word

Since the earliest days of concept development, we found ourselves wrestling with the “B” word — Barbecue.

As obvious as it may seem, we learned that many people use the words “cookout” and “barbecue” interchangeably to describe an outdoor gathering centered around a grill, and many exchanges went like this:

Sheila to Mom: “Punk’s is a fast casual, American backyard cookout experience.”
Mom to Aunt Marilyn: “Sheila’s opening a backyard barbecue restaurant.”
Aunt Marilyn: “Oooh! I love barbecue!”

And so the word would spread that Punk’s is a barbeque restaurant…which it’s really not. Now don’t get us wrong — we love the slow-smoked, finger-lickin’ world of barbecue fare and especially die-hard barbecue people. But Punk’s is a different experience. Punk’s is a cookout — it’s is a fresh from the garden, hot off the grill, friends and neighbors, bocce and badminton (and maybe a little bug spray) experience.

We think that when the menu is finalized and the site is fully decorated, the message — and its distinctiveness — will be evident. Until then, we’ll push on…ever vigilant of the sneaky “B” word.


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