Inspired by a bottle of “Cricket” Mandarin Green Tea soda

Lately our days have been consumed by projects and tasks that are either boring, gross, or both (i.e., roof inspections, permitting investigations, and lease transfers,) so this post is about something fun and delicious — bottled beverages.

Bottled beverages are a key element to the Punk’s concept. Though we tried, we just couldn’t recall a time when we drank fountain sodas at a backyard cookout. So to remain true to the backyard experience, Punk’s will feature premium bottled drinks (and beer and wine, of course.) Jeff is all about Boylan’s sodas, and Sheila loves Fizzy Lizzy drinks. Dave made his signature “weooow” sound when he saw Cheerwine on one of our vendor’s product lists, so needless to say, we’re all excited for taste-testing day. As always, our virtual suggestion box is open, so please drop us a note if you know of a bottled drink that we shouldn’t miss.

Bottoms up!


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